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Pre-Competition Routines for Big Events – Bundle

Pre-competition Routine for Big Events - BundleThe Pre-competition for Big Events Bundle is ideal for those athletes looking for a comprehensive method to develop a new pre-competition routine or enhance an existing routine. The bundle includes:

  • John Cullen’s “Pre-Competion Routines for Big Events” video
  • The companion eBook, which includes the distraction plan and performance cues worksheets
  • The “Finding Your Ideal Performance State” worksheet.

It’s everything you need to start developing your own, optimized, pre-competition routine to let you perform your best, with more consistency.

Bundle Value: $61.88 CAD
Special Price: $39.97 CAD

Pre-Competition Routines for Big Events – Video

Pre-competition Routines for Big EventsJohn Cullen’s “Pre-competition Routines for Big Events” video outlines how a consistent pre-competition routine can lead you to more consistent high-level performances. John Cullen works, step by step, through a series of tasks and challenges to show you how to develop your own effective pre-competition routine. The methods presented in this video can work for anyone who has to perform – from athletes to business professionals. An effective pre-competition routine can take your performance consistency to a new level.

  • Run Time: 34m 52s
  • File Format: m4v (H.264, AAC)

Price: $24.97 CAD

Pre-Competition Routines for Big Events – E-book

Pre-competition Routines for Big Events - eBookThis is the companion eBook to John Cullen’s “Pre-competition Routines for Big Events” video. In the eBook you will be able to use the worksheets provided to systematically develop the best pre-competition routine for you.

  • File Format: pdf
  • # of Pages: 21

Price: $21.97 CAD

Finding Your Ideal Performance State – Worksheet

Ideal Performance State WorksheetAn important step in becoming more consistent with your performances is to become aware of how you feel just before you begin competing. Understanding what you feel and how that relates to your performance allows you to take action before the event. You can incorporate steps, tasks, and actions into your pre-competition routine that help you recreate those feelings. The Ideal Performance Worksheet provides a framework for you to do just that, record and evaluate your how you’re feeling right before you compete.

Price: $14.97 CAD

What is Peak Performance – Video

What is Peak Performance?

What is Peak Performance? Understanding what it feels like to perform your best is the first step toward consistently achieving personal best performances. This video details the common experiences athletes feel when performing at their peak.

Price: $4.97 CAD