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John, Bailey, & Cinder
John, Bailey, and Cinder

'A winning effort begins with preparation.' ~Joe Gibbs

We’ll it’s almost here. The Winning Process program is just about ready to start. I’m very excited and I’m really looking forward to sharing so many great strategies and techniques with our members.

We are going to be covering quite a bit of material in this course. With each of the six learning modules there will be plenty to keep you busy.

Just to give you a glimpse of what we’ll be working on, here are some of the skills that members will learn.

  • optimizing practice for better learning & performance
  • maintaining motivation throughout the season
  • setting effective goals that actually improve performance
  • developing unflappable concentration and composure
  • finding “the zone” consistently
  • creating resilient self-confidence
  • producing vivid visualizations

Do you have any friends that you think might benefit from this? Send them this link – The Winning Process

Now I’ve heard a few people mention that it seems like a lot of money for the course (CA$197.97 + applicable taxes). Hey, in these economic times, everything is a lot of money. I understand this. Just last year I made a big change and left a university research position to start my own business.

What I want you to think about is how much you spend on a weekend competition? At around $20 a run, just entering a trial can cost more than this program, especially if you have multiple dogs. You start adding in gas, food, lodging, and wow! What I’m offering you costs less than a weekend of trialling and will benefit both your training and trialling.

Let’s also consider, why we train our dogs and why we compete. We obviously get something out of it, otherwise we wouldn’t do it. For most people, the payoff is the joy you get from playing with your dog. The fun you have competing along side your friends. And, the satisfaction you get knowing you did well and so did your canine companion.

Think back over this past year and count how many times you’ve experienced those feelings on a Sunday evening, driving home from a trial. In my experience, it doesn’t happen very often. In talking to competitors after an event, what they describe to me most often are feelings of frustration, anger, and sometimes regret at spending all their money on the trial and performing below what they had hoped for. They know that something’s missing from their game and want my advice on how to channel their training and trialling in the right direction.  That’s what my program has grown into – helping you help yourself!

I want to share with you how to find that missing piece and help you put it into your training and trialling life so you can experience more enjoyment and satisfaction working and playing with your dog.

I know that the investment is huge! Time, energy, money for training and trialling, and now maybe this course. So how much money is having more fun, performing better, and having fewer regrets worth to you?

I want to provide you with a community of learning that will help guide you to find that missing piece and improve your agility experience exponentially.

Check out the program at The Winning Process. Feel free to share this with a friend and join me in a first of its kind online course.


P.S. – A new questionnaire and worksheet have been posted in the Winning section of the member’s area. If you’ve already signed up, drop in an pick them up. If you have any questions about them, post in the forum.


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  1. Claire
    6 years ago

    I don’t find it expensive, compared to a week-end seminar where I would forget at least half of it.

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