It’s all in the Follow-through

Photo by Michael McCullough

I’m a huge fan of using a goal setting program to work towards changing my life in a positive way. I use it in my personal life, my professional life and in just about every other “life” area I want to improve.

Goal setting is one of the very first things that I work on with my clients and it is one of the Action Elements from my Winning Process program. The scientific evidence supporting goal setting is vast and robust. Bottom line – it works!

Here’s the kicker, though. It ain’t easy. It’s something many people battle with and an area I try and help my athletes with all the time. Committing to the process and seeing it through to the end.

In my mind and in my experience, the challenge of following through, to the very end, on a goal setting program is tough but it’s well worth the effort. How many New Year’s resolutions make it past the first week or month? How many times are goals set and never realised? Sound familiar? I would hazard a guess that the percentage of “goal completion” is tiny. We’re talking decimal places of a percent. And therein lies the enigma of goal setting. Why does it work so well, yet few people follow through to the end?

I’ve got some good ideas to overcome this challenge that I’ll share with you next week, but for now, I want to know your thoughts and feelings about goal setting and following through. Have you struggled making it all the way to your end goal? Or are you a goal achieving machine? I’ve got a poll up here for you to make your mark and you can also post in the comments below.

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  1. Christine
    6 years ago

    I am missing I hardly follow through.

    For me I believe in goal setting but the goals I am setting myslef often seem so unrealistic to reach for me and also so vague that I fail making a positive plan to walk through. I only make my stress hormons get high.

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