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I hosted a live webinar for our 2010 Pre-Competition Routine for Big Event members last night. I’d like to thank everyone that was able to make it out. I enjoyed the session and I hope that those in attendance were able to take away some good info that they can put to use right away.

For the PCRBE members who weren’t able to take part, I was able to record the session and I’m converting it as I type this post. So you will be able to see it shortly.

I’ll send out the details on how to access the on-demand version it in an email shortly. It’s taking a long time to process. Of course it’s over an hour’s worth of me talking, so my computer may be falling asleep from time to time (Sorry, my attempt at humour – it’s taken longer to convert than the actual time of webinar).

With the webinar, I got to test out a new way to deliver the presentation, and by most accounts, participants were very happy with the technical side of things. If you were there, I’d like to get your feedback on how you thought things went. You can email me directly if you want or just post in the comments below.

Now with the PCRBE program over, it’s time to introduce another one that will be starting up very soon. I’m excited about it. I’m positive you’ll like it too.

It’s called “The Winning Process”. You can find out more information by visiting http://thewinningprocess.cognitvie-edge.ca.

Over the next week, I’ll be releasing some short mental training videos based on the program for free. So you just might want to stop in and check it out.

And finally, my wife Kim and I had a bit of a disagreement about the intro video for the “The Winning Process” site. I preferred one and she preferred another. I’ll post them both here and put a poll up at the end. Make your pick and let us know which one you like better. And if you’re feeling lucky, why not guess who liked which one in the comments.

Video #1
Video #2

[poll id=”13″]

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  1. Shirley Holmes
    6 years ago

    I would love to be able to hear all video’s I am having a tough time getting to be able to listen to them.
    Would love to be able to hear all the videos.

  2. Arlene Bishop
    6 years ago

    Looking forward to watching more videos from you.

    Keep up the good work. Love the positivity!

  3. Lisa
    6 years ago

    I voted for number 2 becasue it looked more professional, but I loved 1. The dog was so funny, ” are you done yet” Looked so bored. ( ;

  4. Claire Pavia
    6 years ago

    I “prefer” video 1, but that’s because I like your dog.
    I voted for video 2, because I listen to it better, not being distracted by the cute dog.
    So if I want the information, I prefer the type 2.

  5. Sheri
    6 years ago

    ok guys, both were great but I find with the dog in the first video, that is where my focus was. If you are trying to sell something John, I think the second video shows more of “you” and your hand gestures show your emotions about your product and what you are selling.
    I do love the way the dog is staring at you John in video when you were talking, true love!

    Good luck on dinner! Let me know who’s cooking, maybe there will be enough to share :)


  6. Jane
    6 years ago

    Heh, what a neat way to have us watch the same message twice! I was distracted by the dog’s eyes in video 1. I listened better to video 2.

  7. joanne rainger
    6 years ago

    I prefered Video 1. The dog while a little distracting (I kept wondering what she was thinking due to the eye movements) was very cute. I think that the homely background and the dog link you to the target audience. Also Johns voice is more authoratative in the first video. I did not like the unironed background in the second video, it also is a bit sterile.


  8. carl baker
    6 years ago

    I preferred the first video. When you were holding the dog you sounded so much more relaxed and natural to me….less like you were reading a script. I also found the wrinkles and creases in the white background to be very distracting. And, of course, the dog was so cute.

  9. Michele Fry
    6 years ago

    Watching the dog watch you in Video #1 added interest while listening, and the unironed sheet in the background of Video #2 looks too amateur a backdrop for a professional. Otherwise, video quality and message delivery of both was very good, though your delivery in Video #2 seemed a bit “stiffer”. In any case, the topic hit the target for what we need to learn.

  10. Laura Anne Welch
    6 years ago

    I chose video two because you looked more comfortable in video one, but your dog didn’t. He looked like, “When will this all be over?”

  11. Trudie
    6 years ago

    I chose 1 because I watched it first! As the content was identical, I got bored watching video 2!
    At first, I did prefer video 2 because of your speaking directly into the camera and using some hand motion. But it was difficult to be attentive the 2nd time around!
    Fear not, you have a very nice quality to your voice. I would have listened to the content with attention, to whichever video you chose.

  12. jessie bunyip
    6 years ago

    Hi John

    I like the first video of course.
    1. the dog. And the dog seems fairly relaxed (nice work)
    2. you seem more relaxed, words seem to be coming easier – possibly because of your dog helps you be less self conscious, or maybe it’s the second time you filmed your speech and you’ve had more practice saying the words.

    But I did have to get a set of external speakers and crank the volume to max to hear anything. I hope you can fix this. I know I’ve got great hearing and I don’t wear ear buds cranked to ear killing volumes either.

    And you’ve already got my email – so does this mean I will get everything twice twice?

  13. Claire Pavia
    6 years ago

    Concerning the poll:
    I checked “I video my competitions and practices”, however I only do it rarely, because I don’t often have someone who can tape my trials, or a friend does, but i never get to see the video.
    Sometimes I use a tripod to video my practices but it doen’t take the entire course.

    I’d really love to be able to work more consistently with videos !

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