Fleet Feet

Have you ever wondered how some of the top agility handlers can make running their dogs look so easy? Yes their dogs can move, but so can they. Here’s a look at what Kim and I have been up to while she prepares for the IFCS Championship in May down in Texas and we get ready to work on developing the 2012 CKC Agility Team Canada.

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“The mare set off for home with the speed of a swallow, and going as smoothly and silently. I never had dreamed of such a motion, fluent and graceful, and ambient, soft as the breeze flitting over the flowers, but swift as the summer lightening.”
~Richard Blackmore

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  1. Sheri
    6 years ago

    looks awesome, can’t wait to try it out!

  2. jose luis
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing!.. Now I would like to see it in slow motion! so i can learn few steps!. HOw many reps should I do to be at least 50% of your speed, ;).
    Best wishes and Success in your training and soon to start championship!.

    • John Cullen
      6 years ago

      Hi Jose,

      You would want to incorporate these drills into your current training program. Depending on your fitness level and the drill, usually 3-5 reps of a drill, twice weekly would be sufficient to start seeing improvement.

  3. Susan
    6 years ago

    Glad to see you are joining Kim in this work out!!!! I have started paying more attention to some footwork drills of late since your post on it a few weeks ago. Thanks!

  4. Cindy
    6 years ago

    WOW!!!! I need this SO much. Just returned from a 3 day trial with a sore back from tripping and falling into a jump wing (although we still qualified LOL), and a tweaked hamstring from trying to keep up with my little rocket Shelties. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

  5. Jo-Anne Collis
    6 years ago

    EXACTLY…why should the dog be the only one in the team flight of foot!
    Cavaletti for handlers!

  6. Allison
    6 years ago

    Looks interesting. I know my footwork is bad sometimes. So tjis would be very handy.thanks

  7. Dian Quist
    6 years ago

    YIKES! I have a lot to do!! :o)
    Thanks for the ideas.

    I liked the music too !

  8. Linda Knowles
    6 years ago

    Great foot work videos. Oh to be so motivated! Sure wish I was a lot younger or had found agility back when.

  9. Rachel Delaney
    6 years ago

    Great feet work out John! I love the drills you and kim have put together for us.
    Can’t wait to try it. Where can you purchase the latter that you have on the ground?
    Can you provide us with the drills on paper as well? You guys are super fast!!!
    Awesome!!!! Rachel.

  10. Linda Blalock
    6 years ago

    This is so timely!! Mid-January I pulled my hamstring and have been in weekly physical therapy since then. After getting to point that I was able, these are exactly the kind of drills we’ve been doing. Needless to say, at no where near the speed of light that you are doing them! Looking forward to more!!

  11. Claire
    6 years ago

    I need this – my specialty is tripping over my own feet…>_<
    Lol !

  12. Rachel Delaney
    6 years ago

    Great agility drills! Perfect timing to get us into shape for the upcoming agility season.
    Thank you Kim and John for the video. Awesome Job! Where can you purchase that ground
    latter from? Rachel.

    • John Cullen
      6 years ago

      Hi Rachel,

      You can get the agility ladder from just about any fitness store. I think we got ours from fitness depot.

  13. Merka
    6 years ago

    Great video and footwork … but where should someone over 65 start these?

    • John Cullen
      6 years ago

      The most important thing is to get the footwork right and then start to build your speed. For older agility athletes, it’s about maintaining flexibility and building neuromuscular control. Begin slow and use very deliberate movements and go from there.

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