Last Call – Pre-Competition Routines for Big Events

Last Call


"Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present." - Albert Camus

Well it’s been an eventful week here at Cognitive Edge. Our Pre-competition Routines for Big Events program was announced last Friday and today is your last chance to jump on board. Actually, there’s less than 12 hours until registration closes :(.

My enthusiasm for the program has been growing all week, especially when I read all the great comments people are posting on my blog and Susan’s blog –

Even more exciting is being able to reach out and share my knowledge with more people than I have ever been able to before. I’m so excited to be a part of this experience and I hope you are too.

This is the last call. Don’t miss out. Click to join in.

Agility Pre-Competition Routine eBook


Sure there are other sport psychology products out there, but none of them are like the Pre-Competition Routine for Big Events program. There is so much value in this I think you’ll be hard pressed to find anything even close. Not to mention that this program is geared towards the dog sport community.

I’ve spent nearly a decade in the dog agility and flyball world. I’ve been to obedience competitions. I’ve worked with world team members. I understand the pressures that dog handlers have to perform under. I know the subtleties of canine sports and the importance of your relationship with your dog. Where else are you going to find that?

Here is one last reminder of what Susan and I have in store for you when you join the both of us on this program.

  1. Pre-competition Routines for Big Events Video
  2. Pre-competition Routines for Big Events companion eBook
  3. NEW BONUS – Pre-Competition Routines for Big Events Audio Podcast
  4. Susan Garrett’s Without Pressure, We Get No Diamonds eBook
  5. NEW BONUS – Ideal Performance State Worksheet
  6. John Cullen & Susan Garrett Webinar Series
    1. Visualization for Agility – Developing your Skills
    2. Knowing what to include in your Pre-competition Routine
    3. Power Phrases, Triggers, and Performance Cues
  7. *over 3 hours of information and interaction to get your routine working for you

I am humbled by the response we have gotten to this program. I am keen to make sure this is the experience of a lifetime and I look forward to all of you joining Susan and me. Just so there are no misunderstandings, we close tonight at midnight and that is midnight eastern time (Toronto, New York).

Just thought I would give you one last heads up!.

Click the link. Join us.
Unlock your mental game!

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  1. Pat Burroughs
    7 years ago

    Hello John I just purchased the pre competion for big events on Saturday and on Monday my hard drive broke down ,we have talked the people who have our pc and it is a problem in the soft ware in the hard ware and they might be able to save everything on the hard drive . My question is if they can not is it possible to have everything resent ? I am e-mailing from my work so I will check tomorrow for a comment.Thank you

    Pat Burroughs

    • John Cullen
      7 years ago

      Hi Pat,

      Sorry to hear about your computer. Definitely no problem to get you your materials if they can’t be recovered. Just let me know how you make out with your data recovery.

  2. Jane O'Callaghan
    7 years ago

    Hi there,

    I completely missed this as I was travelling.
    Is there any way to pay for the videos, ebook etc whilst not having signed up for the course?

    Or if there is going to be another one of these soon?

    I just took the survey & it just proved what I’d already realised in that I’m a nervous wreck when competing (Obedience & Rally ‘O’ – Agility again when I get my next pup) I also don’t like standing up in front of people to talk, so find it all a bit traumatic really & constantly ask myself why I put myself through this at almost every show I go to!

    I would love to get a little help with my mental preparation, so that I can come to enjoy the shows & not put my dog off! (he’s very very sensitive to my emotional state)
    He deserves much better, as he’s wonderful in training (and we both love it out side the ring) and could do with me not falling apart in the ring..



    Jane…. (from New Zealand)

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