TED – Ian Dunbar

Ian Dunbar

Here’s a video that I think many of you will find interesting. My favourite line is “We have to enforce but without force.” Enjoy!

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  1. Elena
    7 years ago

    I have the fortune to known Ian Dumbar…he was my teacher in many workshops in italy

  2. lynmeryl
    7 years ago

    Very good and he was so articulate! I love that.

  3. karin
    7 years ago

    thank you for sharing this, it’s great ..love it.

  4. Trudie
    7 years ago

    Thanks! lucky our dogs don’t grow into grizzly bears!

  5. BJ Walker
    7 years ago

    I wish it could have gone on and on.

  6. Maria
    7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this great video!

  7. Dina Zinnes
    7 years ago

    I have the following comments:
    1) One of the reasons I love agility is because it is “enforce without force.” Getting a dog to work with the handler as a team off lead over complicated agility courses is a bit like training a whale or bear — tho probably easier — it can’t be done with punishment.
    2) Moreover, anyone using the slightest amount of punishment at an agility trial is excused and, depending on the degree of force, can be AKC sanctioned. I have seen a judge excuse a participant for simply saying “no” to her dog in the ring.
    3) Finally, re agility, the beauty of Linda Mecklenburg’s agility training methods is that they teach the trainer how to speak “dog” rather than teaching the dog how to speak English. Her goal is to make the handler aware of those things that the dog naturally reads — movement, body position, etc. — to help the dog understand what the handler wants on an agility course.
    4) More generally, Terry Ryan’s chicken camp showed me how stupid punishment can be — try to train a chicken to roll a pen across the table by screaming or hitting! Yet by the end of a week we all had “our chickens” (assigned to us initially) doing incredible things using clickers and food!
    5) And YES YES YES we should be teaching our children how to interact with others positively so as to accomplish their goals — then maybe when they become parents they won’t pick their 5 year old up and scream in his face! Calculus is great, but it sure won’t save the human race!

  8. Alaska Dog News
    7 years ago

    Perfect timing for this topic. I love the connection between animal and human interaction. I see it in myself. Ah Haa!

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