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I’ve had a lot of interest and many questions about the footwork drill I posted last week. There were more than a few people who really liked the idea of working on their agility and coordination but weren’t quite sure about the different movements in parts of the drill. So I set out to make a quick video showing me doing the drill. And the result …

Well it definitely shows that I haven’t been training enough this winter.

I hope it will clarify what the drill should look like, even if it’s not executed perfectly. I had a lot of fun putting it together and it gave me an excuse to spend some time outside in unbelievably awesome spring weather.

[jwplayer config=”Custom Player1″ mediaid=”2546″]

Did you catch any of my mistakes? Point them out in the comments :).

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  1. Linda
    6 years ago

    Fun to watch. See you stuck a grapevine in there on the first shuffle set.

    Been working on this. Good set, love it.

  2. Cherry B
    6 years ago

    Very cool John, both my husband and I will be trying to follow your great example.

  3. Abi B.
    6 years ago

    lookin’ good, John. I took my cones over to the park on Saturday; mixed it up a little with some of the warm up exercises I already know, too. great workout! thanks for sharing, and for inspiring!

  4. Bonnie
    6 years ago

    Looks like basketball practice, all thats missing is the basketball coach pointing what direction to go next. thanks for the video Bonnie

  5. Ninnie Lindvall
    6 years ago

    Thanks a lot!

  6. Marcia M Hagen
    6 years ago

    I don’t get it. Is it verbally described somewhere else on the website? How am I supposed to know what is “right”?

    • John Cullen
      6 years ago

      @Marcia – The footwork drill is from a previous post. You can see it here.

  7. Katarina
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much! I appreciate your posts, but after seeing the video, I definitely will go out and do the drill. I did knee rehab few years ago and we did ladder drills. It’s weird how it was quite motivational. Once your feet understood the pattern, you just wanted to keep going.

  8. Mary
    6 years ago

    Great to watch … now it is a lot clearer to me of what I need to do.

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